Thursday, August 2, 2007

We're Baaaaaaaaack!

That's right, we're back. I loved the campaign. Going to Washington was interesting, if not exactly fun.

But as summer arrived, I realized how much I missed those beautiful monsoon days in Flagstaff. God it's good to be back.!

I found Adam listening to some live music at Uptown Billiards. We talked. We called Travis. Travis said we could have this blog back if we wanted it. He sort of implied nobody else was really interested.

So, with the Democrat PCs going into caucus tonight to select the nominees to replace Ann Kirpatrick in the state legislature, with Ann running for Congress at full speed, with city elections on the horizon, and no shortage of contorversy, from forest roads to impact fees (I'm not really sure what exactly they are, but I guess I'll be finding out soon enough), we should have plenty of raw material.

Hope to see you all at Drinking Liberally! 2nd Thurday at Flag Brew.

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