Friday, August 3, 2007

LD2 Caucus Recap

Looks like Kay covered to results pretty well.

I wasn't there (not being a PC or anything). But I ran into a few of the voting PCs at a downtown watering hole following the caucus.

There were a few overall impressions that seemed to be consistent across the board. The first was that it was a very friendly process, free of arm twisting, jockeying, and acrimony. Despite the wide range of opinion on a variety of issues, the Flagstaff Dems seem to get along pretty well.

The second common thread was that any of the four candidates to replace Ann Kirkpatrick would have done a good job representing the district at the legislature.

Finally, all the PCs really enjoyed being part of the selection process.

Now it's up to the Sups. I hear they'll be meeting on Tuesday to determine the process by which they will choose the winner (which will happen sometime after that). Everyone agreed that they want that whole process to be as transparent as possible. Good idea.

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